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Shields Lake Stormwater Harvest, Irrigation Reuse,

and Alum Treatment Project

This is a multi-phase project that greatly reduces phosphorus loads to Shields Lake, and subsequently Forest Lake. Phase 1 of the project included impounding/harvesting water from a tributary to Shields Lake for irrigation reuse by Forest Hills Golf Course. The impounding of surface flow reduces the watershed phosphorus load by 77-94 pounds/year, and the irrigation reuse will reduce the amount of groundwater being used for irrigation by up to 26 million gallons per year. Phase 2 of the project included a whole-lake alum treatment to Shields Lake which has reduced internal sediment phosphorus loading to natural background levels. Post-project water monitoring has shown that the combination of the irrigation reude system and alum treatment has reduced phosphorus loads to Shields Lake by >1,000 lbs/yr and Forest Lake by >500 lbs/yr. These improvements are expected to allow Shields Lake to achieve its long-term lake water quality goal and a clear water state.

This project was identified as a result of the Shields Lake Diagnostic Study.

The CLFLWD received a $824,000 Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant from the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). View the latest CWF grant report here.