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Education & Outreach

The purpose of the education and outreach program is to effectively communicate the activities of the Comfort Lake - Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) to Stakeholders as well as increase the awareness of the Stakeholders as to water resource issues and their roles in improving the quality of our water resources. Presentations to Cities, Townships and County officials, the preparation of newsletters, fact sheets and flyers, and conducting tours of CLFLWD activities are important aspects of the education and outreach program.

Upcoming Events & Workshops



Watershed Cleanup

As part of  Xcel Energy's Day of Service, in partnership with EMWRP and Community Thread, the Watershed District will be hosting a two hour cleanup event on Saturday, September 11th from 10:00am - 12:00pm starting at Lakeside Memorial Park in Forest Lake. Full details and registration link can be found here.


2020 Turf Talks CANCELLED

Spring 2020 workshops have been cancelled. If you are interested in learning about the topic on your own check out the links below from previous years!


Turf Talk lvl 1 | Turf Talk lvl 2 - Video (MWMO) | Soil Testing


EMWREP Annual Report

In 2008, the CLFLWD became a member of the East Metro Water Resource Education Program (EMWREP). The EMWREP is a partnership formed to develop a comprehensive water resource education and outreach program for member partners. Over 22 partner organizations comprise EMWREP's membership covering all of Washington County as well as a small portion of Chisago and Ramsey Counties.

2020 Annual Report | EMWREP Plans & Reports | EMWREP Water Blog




Presentations & Articles



2017/2018/2019 Turf Care Truths & Tips

Presented by Master Watershed Steward Jack MacKenzie, this informational series on turf grass best practices has provided many homeowners with the knowledge they need to manage their lawns. How short should I cut my grass? What fertilizer should I use? When should I fertilize? How do I take a soil test and what do the resutls mean? When should I treat my weeds? MacKenzie answers all of these questions and more!

Turf Talk lvl 1 | Turf Talk lvl 2 - Video (MWMO) | Soil Testing |


2017 Storm Drain Stenciling

Master Watershed Steward Jack MacKenzie organized a community event aimed at educating the public on the importance of keeping storm drains clear of debris. Over 25 community members joined forces on September 23rd 2017 to stencil "No Dumping" messages in front of local storm drains. This is an ongoing community project, if you are interested in learning how you can help contact the CLFLWD office at 651-395-5850.

FL Times Article | FL Lowdown Article


Don't Dump Yard Waste Into Wetlands

Dumping yard waste into wetlands/swamps/roadside ditches causes a chain reaction ultimately resulting in our lakes turning more and more green. Visit the following webpage for more information and tips for disposing of yard waste.

Yard Waste Management Story Map 




Other Material




Educational Videos


                               A Billion Gallons a Day  

     6.5-minute video by The New York Times about the

     NYC watershed and water supply system.

                     Nature Works to Make Clean Water  

     4-minute video by Nature Conservancy about how

     nature, especially forests, cleans water.