Forest Lake Alum Treatment Occurring September 25th - 29th

Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) has maintained and improved the health of our local water ways for many years. The water quality improvement projects implemented by the CLFLWD have gotten area lakes (including Forest, Comfort, and Bone) over 92% of the way to meeting state water quality standards. Improved water quality equals cleaner and clearer water for generations to come.

This fall, the Watershed District will be hosting several community education workshops and events.

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic Plants Youth Experience
September 14th | 3:00 – 5:00pm @ Hardwood Creek Library

Stop by the children’s section at Hardwood Creek library for some hands-on learning! They’re green, they’re slimy, and maybe a little bit gross, but we love them anyway. Aquatic plants play an important role in keeping our lakes healthy, learn how they do it and how you can help.

Aquatic Plants Workshop
September 14th | 5:30-6:30pm @ Hardwood Creek Library

Do you have lake shore property? Are you struggling with managing aquatic plants? Curious about how aquatic plants impact water quality? Then this workshop is for you! Our Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator, Garrett Miller, will walk participants through the different plants found in our lakes, treatment options and regulations, and the benefits of keeping native aquatic plants around.
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Resilient Shoreline Workshop

September 25th | 4:30-6:00pm @ District Office, 44 Lake St. South, Forest Lake

Learn the fundamentals of protecting your shoreline property! This workshop will include discussions on lakescaping and shoreline projects, plant selection tips, regulatory reminders, and provide access to technical and financial resources.
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Fall Yard Maintenance Workshop

October 21st | 4:30-6:00pm @ District Office, 44 Lake St. South, Forest Lake

Tips and tricks for fall lawn and garden maintenance.
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Open House

November 8th | 4:30-6:00pm @ District Office, 44 Lake St. South, Forest Lake

Learn about recently completed and upcoming projects, and meet District staff and managers.

Aquatic plants can be frustrating to manage. Join our workshop for tips on treatment options and how to tell the difference between natives and invasives.