Native Plantings & Shoreline Restorations

The quality of shorelines has a direct impact on water quality in our lakes. The District has extensive goals for protecting and restoring shorelines and is developing a comprehensive program to support residents, lake associations, and communities protect their shorelines and their lakes.

Love your lake?

Love your shoreline.

Many of Minnesota’s lakes are in trouble. Nearly half of Minnesota’s natural shorelines have already been lost, and natural shoreline continues to vanish at an alarming rate.

Mowed shorelines allow 7 to 9 times more pollutants to enter the lake than a more naturally vegetated shoreline. These pollutants accumulate in lakes, often creating serious water quality problems while also promoting algal blooms.

In addition to removing pollutants, Natural shorelines provide valuable habitat for fish and loons, frogs, butterflies, and more.

Protecting and Restoring

In spring of 2023 the CLFLWD launched its new Comprehensive Shoreline Program. This program provides technical and financial resources to lake shore owners looking to restore and protect their shorelines. These resources are outlined below. Contact Land Management Specialist, Aidan Read for more information (651) 583-6590 or

Shoreline vegetated with deep rooted native plants.

Financial Assistance

Technical Assistance

Interested in these programs? Contact Land Management Specialist, Aidan Read.
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