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Projects And Progress

The CLFLWD implements projects throughout the District to improve and maintain local water quality. These projects include wetland restorations, alum treatments, iron-enhanced sand filters, and a variety of best management practices (BMPs).

Progress Toward Goals

Achieving and maintaining good in-lake water quality is the District’s highest priority. The District considers cost-benefit when deciding which projects to implement and uses monitoring data to target projects in locations where there will be the greatest pollutant reductions and water quality improvements. As of 2022 the CLFLWD is 78% of the way towards its long-term reduction goal.

Review the latest Progress Report to learn more about these goals and the progress that has been made to date.

*The District bases its water quality goals on historic data, collecting actual lake sediment cores in some cases, in order to determine the water quality level which each lake can sustain in the long-term. In many cases, the District goal exceeds the minimum state water quality standards.

Project Selection and Funding