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Program Coordinator

Exempt, Fulltime


Primary duties will include leading the District’s invasive species prevention and management program, assisting with education and outreach communications, managing inspections and maintenance of District-owned projects and facilities, completing water monitoring plans and reports, and coordinating volunteer monitoring. Secondary responsibilities include coordinating the best management practice cost-share program and research initiatives.


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Seasonal Technician

Fulltime, Seasonal


The primary focus of this position will be providing support to District staff with regard to the District’s permitting program. This may include a variety of primary and cross-functional secondary responsibilities including serving as a permit inspector, reviewing permit application materials, meeting with contractors at construction sites, and overall tracking of permitting program records. This position will also participate in District activities related to watercraft inspections, education and outreach, Best Management Practice cost-share programs, and supporting the District’s invasive species monitoring and treatment programs on an as needed basis.


Position Announcement and Description