Rules & Permitting


The Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District established a permit program in 2009

to protect the water and natural resources of the watershed.


Notice of Revised Rules

On February 22, 2018 the CLFLWD Board of Managers adopted revisions to the District Rules. The effective date for the amended rules is March 12, 2018. All Rules & Regulatory Material and Permitting Documents below are up to date with the revised rules.


Permit Application


Application Form

When is a CLFLWD permit needed?


District Rules


Introduction & General Purpose

Relation of Watershed District to Municipalities

Relation to Groundwater


1.0 Procedural Requirements

2.0 Stormwater Management

Post -Construction Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance

All stormwater maintenance declarations and agreements require that an annual report be submitted to the District. Use the Inspection Report Templates to records inspections and maintenance activities throughout the year. Then by January 31st of each year, submit to the District a completed Annual Report Form with attached Inspection Reports from the prior year.

3.0 Erosion Control

4.0 Lake, Stream, and Wetland Buffer Requirements

5.0 Shoreline & Streambank Alterations

6.0 Watercourse and Basin Crossings

7.0 Floodplain and Drainage Alterations

8.0 Wetland Mangement

  • Permit required from Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) Local Government Unit (LGU), not from CLFLWD.

9.0 Fees

10.0 Financial Assurances

Some permits will require a financial assurance in addition to the deposits and application fees. District staff will let you know if your project requires a fianancial assurance and the amount required. The amounts are also available in the District's financial assurance fee schedule (below).

The District accepts financial assurances in the forms listed below:

11.0 Variances

12.0 Enforcement

Addendum A

Application Submission

The aplication deadline is 30 days prior to the monthly board meeting. A complete application must be submitted in order to be considered. 2019 Permit Application Deadline Schedule.

Permit Issuance

The District has up to 60 days to take action on a submitted permit application that is considered complete.

Permit Transfers

If you believe that you need to transfer all or part of your permit, please review the materials below and contact District staff for assistance.



†Exhibits to resolution 18-06-01. These standard forms and templates were approved by the CLFLWD Board on June 7, 2018.

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