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Bone Lake Subwatershed Assessment (SWA) Implementation

Bone Lake and upstream Moody Lake are the headwaters of the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) northern flow network, and as such, their water quality sets the stage for downstream waters, particularly the impaired waters of School Lake, Little Comfort Lake, Comfort Lake, the Sunrise River, and ultimately Lake St. Croix. This project will implement 10 of the best management practices (BMPs) identified as having the lowest cost-benefit ratio as it relates to phosphorus reduction to downstream Moody and Bone Lakes. These BMPs are estimated to reduce watershed phosphorus loads to Bone Lake by 90 lb/yr and to Moody Lake by 24 lb/yr, and reduce watershed sediment loads to Bone Lake by 8.2 tons/yr and to Moody Lake by 4.9 tons/yr.

This project, among other recommended projects, was identified as a result of the Bone Lake Subwatershed Assessment and the subsequent SWA Prioritization Study.

The CLFLWD received a $144,000 Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant from the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) for this project. View the latest CWF grant report here.