Forest Lake Alum Treatment Occurring September 25th - 29th

Monitoring and Data

The District has a robust annual water monitoring program with the purpose of evaluating the water quality and health of its aquatic resources. The program includes lake and stream water quality monitoring, project effectiveness monitoring, and targeted diagnostic monitoring. This data evaluates the success of completed projects and identifies water quality projects to restore impaired lakes.

Monitoring philosophy

The District employs an intensive and systematic diagnostic monitoring approach to identify sources of impairments to local waterbodies. Common causes of waterbody impairment include urban development/paved surfaces, agricultural activity, erosion, and degraded wetlands.

The latest water monitoring report is provided below. To access older reports, or to find information about a specific lake, please reference the document library at the bottom of this page or visit the Lake Information page.

Land Management Specialist, Aidan Read, collecting information on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water.

Monitoring practices & use cases

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Monitoring FAQ

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