Citizen Advisory Committee member, Jerry Grundtner, leads a group of high school students through a series of water monitoring exercises.

Citizens Advisory Committee

The Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District Watershed (CLFLWD) Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is an advisory group that is made up of volunteers who advise the Board of Managers on water-related community concerns and issues. The CAC’s purpose, as established by the Board of Managers is to provide public input to the CLFLWD regarding policy and project matters, provide a channel of communication to the Board Managers, aid in fostering a positive public image of the CLFLWD, and help to educate the public about the CLFLWD’s goals and accomplishments.

The CAC meets monthly throughout the year. These meetings allow members to discuss water-related issues, project alternatives and encourage participation in project decision-making where applicable. The CAC plays an important role in helping develop various aspects of each. If you’re interested in joining the CAC or would like more information, please contact Aidan Read at or 651-583-6590.

NRCS/SWCS photo by Lynn Betts

Farmer-led Council

Do you own or operate farmland within the Watershed District? Join our Farmer-led Council!

The CLFLWD Farmer-led Council is a group of volunteers who farm within the watershed and assist in engaging area farmers on topics including water quality, soil health, and farming best practices. The Council also advises staff on our agriculture programs. Our volunteers range from beginning farmers to long-time experts and come from farms of all sizes.

The Farmer-led Council meets regularly in the winter, and occasionally throughout the growing season. Meetings take place around the District, including at area farms. In addition to the watershed policies being discussed, meetings provide an opportunity for farmers to learn about each other’s enterprises. The Farmer-led Council is a crucial part of CLFLWD’s commitment to improving and protecting our water resources, while keeping farmland productive and sustainable. If you’re interested in joining the Farmer-led Council or would like more information, please contact Aidan Read at or 651-583-6590.

Culvert outflow from Forest Lake at North Shore Drive, beginning of the Sunrise River

Technical Advisory Committee

The main purpose of the CLFLWD Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to support the CAC and answer their questions throughout the concept and development stage of projects and assist in the development of the District’s management and capital improvement plans, and rules.

The TAC is composed of engineering staff (or similar technical discipline) from cities and townships having all or a portion of their boundary within the CLFLWD. Further, the TAC includes technical staff from Chisago and Washington County agencies, Metropolitan Council, and appropriate state agencies.