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Moody Lake Wetland Rehabilitation

This project rehabilitated degraded wetlands located northwest of Moody Lake in Chisago County. Rehabilitation activities included installation of wetland buffer strips, management of livestock access to two of the wetlands, and removal of nutrient-rich sediment within the wetlands. This project resulted in removal of 445 pounds of phosphorus per year. This is equal to 80% of the watershed phosphorus load reduction needed for Moody Lake to meet water quality standards.

This project, among other recommended projects, was identified as a result of the Moody Lake Sequential Diagnostic Study. A summary of the feasibility analysis of restoration options can be viewed here.

This is a multi-phase project that was completed over the course of 3 years. Construction of phase 1 began on January 27, 2017 with a groundbreaking ceremony and was largely completed by February 16, 2017. Cleanup and site restoration was completed in spring 2017, and project effectiveness monitoring occurred throughout spring and summer. Phase 2 of the project occurred in 2018, working further downstream to address remaining pollutant loads entering Moody Lake. Click here for information regarding the Moody Lake Alum Treatment Project.

The CLFLWD received two grants for this project: $429,284 from the Clean Water Fund (CWF) and $78,000 from the Clean Water Act Section 319 grant program. View the final CWF grant report here.