In order to implement critical projects, the District secures funding through a variety of grant opportunities and other partnerships.

Funding Sources

Obtaining outside funding from federal, state and local agencies is imperative to the implementation of capital improvement projects and other District programs and initiatives. While the District applies to some grant programs consistently each year, such as competitive Clean Water Fund grants, it also performs research to identify new programs. Over the last 10-year period, the District has been highly successful in obtaining grants, winning a total of approximately $6.1 million. These grant dollars allow us to increase the number and scope of the projects the District can successfully accomplish. However, grants come with restrictions and requirements. Grant dollars are not discretionary funds for the District to use anywhere. They are a contract between the District and the funding organization to complete a specific project or activity that was proposed in a grant application and approved by the funder. The District is limited in how it can spend its grant dollars. Over the next 10-year period as the District implements its updated watershed management plan, CLFLWD will continue to seek grant opportunities to implement projects.

The annual tax levy is another major funding source for the District and is typically utilized for staff costs and certain program costs. The District annually sets its budget and certifies its levy with Washington County and Chisago County. Before certifying the levy each September, the District carefully considers funding needs and impacts on local taxpayers. You can learn more about the District’s project funding goals in the 2022-2031 Watershed Management Plan.

Figure from 2021 Progress Report. Read the full report for more information.

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