Notice is hereby given that the Comfort Lake – Forest Lake Watershed District will be conducting an aquatic invasive species herbicide treatment of flowering rush on Forest Lake in July and August.

Public Notice

Flowering rush is an aquatic invasive species (AIS) native to Europe and western Asia. It is a perennial plant that grows one to four feet high along shores in shallow, slow-moving water. Invasive species cause recreational, economic and ecological damage.

Forest Lake has the only population of flowering rush in Minnesota known to reproduce via seed. As such, the Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District (CLFLWD) has adopted a management approach that utilizes both herbicide treatments and seed head clippings. This approach has proven to be very effective, as the population has been reduced by 96% since 2014.

The Comfort Lake-Forest Lake Watershed District, in conjunction with the City of Forest Lake, Forest Lake Lake Association, Washington County, and MN Department of Natural Resources, will be conducting the first of possibly several rounds of aquatic invasive species herbicide treatment of flowering rush on Forest Lake by the end of July. The herbicide that will be used is called Tribune (active ingredient is Diquat) and will be applied by the licensed applicator company, PLM Lake and Land Management Corp. This year’s flowering rush treatment will consist of numerous small area spot treatments. A map of the treatment areas may be found at Treatment areas for the second round, planned for mid to late August, will be determined by a survey following the first round of treatment. Read the full public notice below.

Flowering rush in various stages of growth.

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