Project Description & Outcomes

This project removed accumulated phosphorus-rich sediment from the northern portion of a wetland directly adjacent to Bone Lake that had a history of receiving direct livestock manure runoff from the adjacent dairy farm barnyard. This project is estimated to reduce watershed phosphorus loads to Bone Lake by 15 lb/yr.

This project was identified as a result of the Bone Lake Legacy Load Investigation Study.

The CLFLWD received a Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant from the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) for this project.

Project Status


Project Outcomes

15 lbs/yr phosphorus removal

3.4 acre-ft flood storage added

2 acres wetland restored


Clean Water Fund Grant: $152,000 (Grant Report)

CLFLWD Grant Match: $38,000

Total Project Budget : $190,000

Lifecycle cost:
$600 per pound of phosphorus removed
(What does this mean?)


2021: Project development and design

2022: Project construction

Project Partners