Project Description & Outcomes

This project will treat 50% of this subwatershed’s runoff with a multi-cell iron enhanced sand filtration (IESF) treatment system. The headwaters of Washington Judicial Ditch 6 (WJD-6) is dominated by wetlands and contributes nearly half of the total phosphorus load in the WJD-6 system, most of which is dissolved and difficult to remove with traditional best management practices (BMPs). This IESF will reduce watershed phosphorus loads to Forest Lake by 97 lb/yr.

This project, among other recommended projects, was identified as a result of the Forest Lake Diagnostic Study and WJD-6 Assessment and Feasibility Study (Phase 1 | Phase 2).

The CLFLWD received a $747,400 Clean Water Fund (CWF) grant and a $191,965 Section 319 Small Watershed Focus grant for this project.

Project Status

In Progress

Project Outcomes

97 lbs/yr phosphorus removal


Clean Water Fund Grant: $747,400 (Grant Report)

Section 319 Grant: $191,965

CLFLWD Grant Match: $321,300

Total Project Budget : $1,260,665

Lifecycle cost:
$500 per pound of phosphorus removed
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2020-2021: Project development and design

2022: Project construction

2023: Revegetation and project closeout

Project Partners