Project Description & Outcomes

Phase 1 of this project entailed harvesting water runoff from 294 acres, west-southwest of Shields Lake, for irrigation reuse by Forest Hills Golf Course. This process naturally filters out the phosphorus from the water before it enters the lake. Phase 2 of the project entailed a whole-lake alum treatment to Shields Lake which addressed the high levels of phosphorus already present in the lake.

The entire project has brought Shields Lake to a clear water state, and reduced phosphorus loads to Forest Lake by over 500 pounds per year. Additionally, the irrigation reuse system has reduced the need for groundwater pumping by up to 26 million gallons per year!

The Watershed District received a grant for this project in the amount of $824,000 from the Clean Water Fund (CWF), and it would not be possible without our partners at Forest Hills Golf Club.

Project Status


Project Outcomes

1,000 lbs/yr phosphorus reduction to Shields Lake

500 lbs/yr phosphorus reduction to Forest Lake

26,000,000 gallons/yr groundwater usage reduction


Clean Water Fund Grant: $824,000

CLFLWD Grant Match: $206,000

Total Project Budget : $1,030,000

Lifecycle cost:
$57 per pound of phosphorus removed
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2018-2019: Stormwater harvest irrigation reuse

Fall 2019: Whole-lake alum treatment part 1

Fall 2020: Whole-lake alum treatment part 2

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