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Greening the Big Box and Streets - Target Retrofits

This project was completed as part of a comprehensive effort to address excess nutrient loading to Comfort Lake and focused on implementing two sets of targeted actions: retrofitting filtration practices into parking lots of existing "big box"-type retail
and commercial properties, and reshaping an untreated street section into a green street. Multiple BMPs were installed around the Forest Lake Target store and its parking lot. Total estimated pollutant reductions are 9.2 lbs./year removal of phosphorus (P) and 4,500 lbs./ year of total suspended solids (TSS). BMPs included an iron-sand filter and stormwater pretreatment ponds on the
south end of property, tree trenches were installed on the east side of the parking lot along 12th Street, and a raingarden/ vegetated swale was installed on the north side of the parking lot.


Photos of project soon to come!

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